Bowl Lab Atlanta | Our Story
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Bowl Lab

A bowl is used very commonly in Asian cuisine, and Asians have been eating out of bowls for generations. We love a bowl because of its efficient way to eat and efficient way to heap a bowl with food. With this concept, we aim to share with Atlanta community fun ways of enjoying bowls. A bowl of fresh, healthy and delicious ingredients! How can you not fall in love?
We have come up with three ways to enjoy a bowl at Bowl Lab: Poké, and Meat.
We purposely do not pre-marinate, and we build your bowl to order. There are endless combinations of bases, sauces, and toppings for you to customize and enjoy.


Bowl Lab’s mission is to become the premier fast-casual dining experience. This will be accomplished by offering an unprecedented experience coupled with fresh, great quality food and reasonable prices. We hope to grow and be of success together as we start this new journey of the “POKE” concept.

Services and Products

Bowl Lab provides an unmet dining experience. All patrons receive excellent customer service, encouraging them to return. The menu offerings are fast, healthy, endlessly customizable, and very pretty. While the trend is moving more to health conscientious consumers and well-being foods we have chosen to take on another concept called “POKE”, a concept that started in Hawaii which is a rice bowl with raw protein like sushi topped off with vegetable toppings, and garnishes.
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